So much more than a little coffee shop in Surbiton….

So much more than a little coffee shop in Surbiton….

At The Press Room our mission is to create local opportunities, set a path for growth and impact communities across the global, through social responsibility and sustainable outcomes.

Our key value is Kindness which comes in many forms here at the Press Room. In Brazil we have enabled a farm to raise their agricultural techniques with the goal of supplying their coffee beans to our shop here in Surbiton. But even kinder is being the agent that allows Surbiton residents to connect and help those most in need in our town and streets.
Have you heard of a Suspended Coffee? We have been doing it for a while now…

A suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a hot drink. This purchase gets scored on a blackboard, and is then ready and available for a person in need to request.

In particular, this opportunity allows a person to feel a little human again, by queuing, ordering, chatting with our baristas and enjoying some physical and environmental comfort. A suspended coffee can change how a person feels for 20 minutes in their day, but sometimes it can feel like a lifeline for a phase in their life.

With this in mind the Press Room wants to honour our barista Max Stiles (please note he is not the only one, but the latest one!). On occasion there is not always a score on our board for a vulnerable customer and in this situation Barista Max Stiles was happy to treat the customer himself. Thank you Max!

Whilst we are happy to act as an agent, and we will continue to do so. Please note, suspended coffees are most popular in the winter months, during the rain, wind and snow. This is the period we need them more than the summer months. If you are passing by come check out the process. We are always happy to talk, explain and show off our growing stats
Thank you for reading, and Thank you Max!

Suspended Coffee: £3.10 (cheaper than our average hot drink price at £3.36 includes VAT)

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