The Press Room Coffee Shop

What’s sweet and spicy and served over ice?

Our Iced chai of course!! We use Nemi tea’s chai which is full of raw spices and still hits that sweet spot. Try a shot of coffee in it to make it DIRTY


Try it over ice! The same goodness as always but served in a much cooler form! We love it with coconut milk and vanilla syrup

Getting a coffee at The Press Room is a little different to your everyday chain. We take care of the important things, like hiring our staff for their exceptional people skills and infectious energy, or ensuring each of our team is fully trained by one of our master baristas. The end result is great coffee delivered by a team of easy-going staff who know the difference between a piccolo and a cortado. If you’re in a rush, we’re more than ready to work at your tempo – but you’re welcome to hang around too.

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